Friday, March 23, 2012


         The Two Most Powerful Words In                           The World!!!
                   "LOVE AND MONEY"  
These words have me thinking and asking myself why is it so hard for people to choose between both words so i decided to give my VIEW in my own words.What's LOVE? Love's passionate affection for another person. A deep connection between two person at times you can't even  explain.The truth be told you can't choose who to love..
                                      LOVE can affect u in two ways (1) It can make u look and feel alive it's like you're on top of the world and nothing else around you matters. (2) It can make u  feel like u want to die because the pain is so bad..LOVE sometimes make your heart beats faster when you think about the one you LOVE. You'll do, say and act in ways that you didn't know you could. LOVE at times blinds and clouds  your judgment. And if anyone try to steer you away from LOVE you'll hate them.Yes! you can be in LOVE with more than one person at the same time but if you've to choose their is one that you LOVE a little more than the other for your own reason..
                                      They say MONEY can't buy LOVE..I still believe that's true but at times people push LOVE a side for financial reason. LOVE and MONEY is the most powerful thing in the world. At times MONEY wins but i think MONEY wins because some people push LOVE away for  financial stability. Their heart isn't in it but they stay for the stability it gives them. The big question is do they forget about LOVE? or they still yearn for LOVE?..I think you can't forget about true LOVE..
                                       I think why most people end up cheating is because their heart isn't in it for LOVE don't matter how hard they try..Apart of them is always going be longing for that feeling of true LOVE..When you're with someone that you genuinely LOVE that feeling is priceless..especially when the feeling is mutual. For one of the most powerful word in the world it is for why when we've LOVE at times we mess it up? even when we don't mean to?? My question is why it's so hard to hold on to LOVE?
                                       Despite the power MONEY has on people, they still want that feeling of LOVE. Being in LOVE is one of the best feeling that you can experience. I can say i rather have LOVED and lost than never to have experience LOVE at all. When LOVE goes bad which it often do that feeling  at times is unbearable..You buried LOVE when you loose it but LOVE is tricky,  it comes upon you unexpected. When it comes around it pushes through your heart like a flower pushing through  the dirt..
                                      I think there is no cure for loosing LOVE some may say new LOVE make you forget about old LOVE that's true in some cases..but not because you replace old LOVE means that  you forget about it..When you can't be with the one that you truly LOVE because of financial reason i think that's a slow killer..Being in LOVE is the best feeling ever..although in life some people never experience that true LOVE they just accept what they have...I don't think that someone can truly be complete without LOVE...Damn!!that five Letter word MONEY...
                                    At times we tend to do things that hurt the ones we LOVE the most..I don't know why it's like that but it will be that way even when i am  gone. The people we LOVE the most we hurt the most. Life throws us curves balls we catch some and get hit by the others..Why is that? I don't know! I guess it's a part of life..But don't ever give up on LOVE because GOD IS LOVE...

Written by: Morshalee
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