Saturday, May 12, 2012



    MOM! on your 41years of been my MOTHER, I HONOR YOU. You're not a REGULAR Mother. You are the GREATEST. I don't have flowers are money to give to you, my gift to you on this very special day is Prayers to keep You Safe and Healthy. We have our different opinions at times but one thing that will never change for me, is my LOVE and RESPECT for YOU..
    You've given me what money can't buy, LIFE and introducing me to GOD. For that i SALUTE YOU. I may not say it often enough but i LOVE YOU. You're my Inspiration, Confidant, Friend and my Strength who's always there for me 24/7. I promise you that i will try my best to make you feel appreciated everyday. I am PROUD of  you not just because you're the GREATEST Mother but  also the GREAT person you are.
     Mom you've showed me what STRENGTH, LOVE, DEDICATION, TRUST, HONESTY, KINDNESS, RESPECT and what FORGIVING is all about and a lot more.. You  are the Wind Beneath My Wings..I THANK YOU...I know that you would do anything for your kids. Know that i will do the same for you. I want you to be Healthy, Safe and Happy because GOD knows you Deserve it..I hope that i can show you what the Greatest daughter is in return. I am not there with  you on your very special day but never forget that you're always in my thoughts..When you hurt, I hurt, when you cry, I cry with you and at times when i think about what you're going through I cry for you..I've learn from the Greatest Mother what a Great Mother Should Be..I hope that i am doing you justice now that i am a Mother myself..only 10yrs and a lot more years to go.
      I want you to wake up each day without no worries of the day. I will keep on praying for that day to come. Your BELIEF and TRUST in GOD is Undoubtedly..You're  Beautiful Inside and Out and Sexy. U're Unmatchable and Irreplaceable there is NO one like YOU..They say no one is perfect but your are very close to be perfect..I am so proud to be your daughter and to see how you show the same LOVE to all your grandchildren..I am very proud to say that my son has a grandmother like you, has your grand kids call you GAN GAN..Lol..
       We are the lucky one's to be Bless with you in our Life..I thank GOD for giving us one of HIS my Mother..THANKS MOM!  for giving  BIRTH to me 41yrs ago..I LOVE YOU..
     HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO THE GREATEST MOTHER!! Have a GREAT DAY not just MOTHER'S  DAY but all the others DAY'S a head...because it's not just one Day is MOTHER'S  DAY, IT'S A LIFETIME....                 

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