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Thursday, April 26, 2012


                     TELL PEOPLE HOW YOU REALLY FEEL
                             BEFORE THEY DIE!!!
 This is for all those PEOPLE who never gives a f*ck about you when you're ALIVE but when you DIED they're the one's who's at your funeral well dress...with their long stories. Talking how much they loved you, miss you, how much you meant to them and how you helped them out when  no one else did..and they wish that they could've told  you before you died...And the thing about it at the funeral they cried  the most... STOP IT!! Y'ALL WITH UR TEARS, BULL SH*T AND LIES.
 1. When they were alive you was too busy to call and say hi because some of you felt that if you did call they are going to ask you for money or ask you for a favor especially if things is going good for you.
2. When they use to ask you it they could spend the night at your house, you said that ur not going to be home because you feel like they are come to your
3. When they use to ask you for some dinner, you said Lord! if me did  know, i would've cooked more bcuz  all the dinner is finish or only the dinner left is for the kids.
4. When you see them before they see u, you hide...etc...
5. When they used to and called you and ask  for help with money..even if you said yes, when they call you back, you either let some one else answer ur phone and you tell the person to say your not there or you forget ur phone at their place, change up ur voice, tell them if they had ask you sooner because you just pay your bills and you don't have no money left....
6. The classic one is when, you don't answer ur phone when u see their number and any number you don't know you don't answer it..
When they wait a while and called you from a unknown number, you answer and tell them you where out a Town. After you get caught, you say to yourself  "that's why you don't like answer unknown number"..And now their gone. They can't see, hear, feel or give a sh*t to all wat  you've to say now.. SO STOP IT, SHUT UP UR MOUTH AND SIT YOUR LAYING ASS DOWN..!!U should've said all of that to them, when they was they would know that you really cared and love them..U should've given them the chance to say thanks and how much they appreciate you..Now you all can take your flowers and go to HELL WITH YOUR BAG OF LIES AND STORIES..THEY DON'T GIVE OR HEAR A F*CK OF WHAT YOU'RE NOW SAYING....THEY'RE DEAD!!!...REAL TALK..

Written by: Morshalee..
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